Ferrari Maranello 550 GTS

The F 550 GTS is a racing version of the Ferrari 550 Maranello. It has been developed especially for entry in the FIA GT World championship, the Le Mans 24 hrs. and other endurance races. It follows the classic sports car principle with a front engine driving the rear wheels. An optimal weight distribution is achieved due to the gear box being mounted in the rear.

The chassis is fitted with a roll cage fabricated from high tensile steel tube, various suspension pickup points are integrated in to the cage’s construction. An extremely stable side impact protection has been fabricated on the driver side of the vehicle.

Body construction
With the exception of the roof, all the body panels have been replaced by very light and extremely resilient Carbon / Kevlar components. In order to achieve a high down force on the rear axle, a large wing with a range of adjustments has been mounted on the rear of the vehicle. The vehicle has an enclosed floorpan with front and rear diffusers. The rear and side windows have been replaced with polycarbonate.

To further save weight both the original dashboard and centre console have been replaced with carbon fibre. The driver is seated in a carbon-kevlar seat with a six point harness which is repositioned towards the centre of the vehicle. A race sport steering wheel has been fitted. Competition battery cut-out switches have been installed in place of the standard items. The electrical fire extinguisher system and dry cell battery are positioned on the passenger side of the vehicle.


The pick up points of the wishbones have been raised in order to lower the car. All bearings have been replaced by spherical bearings. The compression and rebound of the height adjustable suspension, as well as the front and rear anti-roll bars are fully adjustable.

Technical Specification


Type: 65° V12
Aluminium block with coated aluminium wet liners
Capacity: 5985 cc
Bore / Stroke: 88 mm x 82 mm
Crankshaft: 7 bearing steel long stroke crankshaft
Con-rods: Ultra high tensile drop forged H-shaft
Pistons: Forged short skirt Slipper pistons
Cam-shafts: Solid steel cam shafts
Valve timing: DOHC with solid cam followers
Engine management: MOTEC M8 System with constant data logging
Intake: Single throttle system with carbon airbox and
two 32,8 mm restrictors
Exhaust: Stainless 6 / 2 / 1 side exit system
Cooling: AKG Aluminium high performance radiator
Lubrication: mechanical dry sump lubrication with oil cooler


max. power: approx. 600 hp DIN
max. torque: 655 Nm (483 lb)
Rev. limit: 7000 rpm


Clutch Fichtel & Sachs MFX 200
Two plate sintered metal clutch
Transaxle Aluminium / Steel – System
Transmission: Split gear 6-speed sequential / straight cut

Ratios: Short box Long box
i= 2.50 i= 2.50 1st. Gear
i= 1.70 i= 1.70 2nd. Gear
i= 1.33 i= 1.43 3rd. Gear
i= 1.15 i= 1.24 4th. Gear
i= 1.00 i= 1.11 5th. Gear
i= 0.93 i= 1.00 6th. Gear

Final drive: i= 3.15 i= 3.15

Drive shafts: GKN Profile shafts with Tripode joints


Type: Tilton balanced beam without ABS
Calliper: Brembo aluminuim 6 pot calliper in the front
and 4 pot calliper in the rear
Front discs: Brembo 380 mm x 35 mm vented
Rear discs: Brembo 350 mm x 32 mm vented


Fully adjustable suspension with adjustable dampers and anti roll bars.

ZF – Electrical power steering

Type: Forged Magnesium OZ Supertourismo with centre locks
Size: Front: 12″ x18″ ; Rear: 13″ x 18″

Type: Dunlop
Size: Front 280 / 650-18 ; Rear 315 / 710-18


Length: 4630 mm
Width: 2000 mm
Height: 1240 mm
Wheelbase: 2500 mm
Front track: 1680 mm
Rear track: 1690 mm


Minimum weight: 1100 kg
Distribution F/R: 51:49

This Ferrari Maranello 550 GTS is for sale. Contact for any further details.

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